DNA Bank and Genotyping Services at the AIT
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About the DNA Bank and Genotyping Services at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Since 2003, the AIT’s internationally renowned DNA bank provides storage of and access to biological material (gDNA, cDNA, ESTs, BACs). Currently, the DNA bank houses more than half a million DNA samples of plant and animal origin, which are stored under high-tech conditions at minus 20°C in accordance with strict quality control standards. Together with the storage and retrieval system, the tailor-made laboratory management system MAPSTM in combination with the available liquid handling platforms allow barcode-based sample tracking and automated sample processing.


Within our lab facilities we provide several services such as 1) high throughput DNA extraction using liquid handling systems, 2) long-term storage and management of biological material (DNA bank), 3) development and application of DNA extraction protocols for diverse tissues and organisms, and 4) the development and application of genetic marker systems for various genotyping purposes, such as population genetics, species identification, DNA barcoding, paternity testing or for the authentication of origin by means of conventional Sanger as well as next generation sequencing (NGS). Online access to decoded genetic material of diverse origin including the corresponding scientific documentation is available via eLAB (www.evoltree.eu). Read more...


DNA bank is member of the following networks:

GGBN (Global Genome Biodiversity Network; www.ggbn.org)

Evoltree Network of Excellence (www.evoltree.eu)

GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility; http://www.gbif.org/)