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Science lunch talk:

Dissecting tumor‐immune cell interactions in solid cancers using

genomic data

Time: 02 June 2016, 12.00
Place: Seminar Room Ground floor, ZMF Medical University Graz,
Stiftingtalstraße 24, 8010 Graz
Z. Trajanoski
Biocenter, Division of Bioinformatics, Medical
University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria

Recent breakthroughs in cancer immunotherapy and decreasing costs of high‐throughput
technologies have sparked intensive research into tumor–immune cell interactions using genomic
tools. The wealth of the generated data and the added complexity pose considerable challenges
and require computational tools to process analyze and visualize the data. Recently, we developed
computational tools and assembled analytical pipelines to effectively mine tumor immunologic and
genomic data and provide novel mechanistic insights. Results from the analyses of 19 solid cancers
with >8000 patients will be presented.