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CSF Plant Sciences Facility (PlantS)

The Campus Science Support Facilities GmbH (CSF) is a public funded non-profit research institute, situated at the Vienna Biocenter Campus (VBC). We offer access to state of the art research infrastructure and scientific services. CSF is organized in ten scientific core facilities equipped with cutting edge instruments and highly skilled technical and scientific personnel.

The CSF Plant Sciences Facility (PlantS) operates 22 high quality and highly specialized plant growth chambers and provides professional support to the outstanding “green research” at the VBC.  Within spare capacities all services are also available for external customers. 

Several chambers are capable of providing exceptional environmental conditions i.e. low temperature (frost), high temperature, different light intensities, different light spectra (LED: UV375, blue405, blue450, white and red660,730) and different gas conditions (e.g. CO2) allowing precise environmental simulation across different climate zones and the simulation of various environmental stress conditions. 

For the objective, reproducible and high-throughput assessment of plant phenotypic traits we operate an automated, chamber-integrated (sensor-to-plant) screening system linked to LemnaTec image analysis software. 

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A detailed description of projects, methods and services is available on our webpage: www.csf.ac.at/plants

If you are interested in our services and would like additional information or have specific project questions get in touch with us:

Jakub Jeż
Head, Plant Sciences Facility


Dr. Bohr-Gasse 3 | 1030 Vienna | Austria
VBC 2 | Plaza Floor | room PG-3
phone: +43 1 796 2324 7090
mobile: +43 664 8084 7 7090 
web:     www.csf.ac.at

Alternative Biomodels, Medical University of Graz


EU regulations, the Austrian legislator and innovative research approaches require new dimensions for the implementation of the three Rs (3Rs). The 3Rs “Replacement”, “Reduction” and “Refinement” are guiding principles for more ethical use of animals in testing. A first initiative in this direction was the establishment of the Core Facility Alternative Biomodels and Preclinical Imaging belonging to the Division of Biomedical Research. The focus of this Core Facility is to set up alternative methods and give support by new alternative methods for all research developing at the Medical University of Graz.

Our services are:

  • CellBank
  • Primary Cell Culture
  • 3D Cell Culture
  • The XCelligence System
  • Mycoplasma detection
  • STR analysis
  • Virus detection

For more informations: CF Alternative Biomodels & Preclinical Imaging



Ass. Prof. PD. Dr. Beate Rinner
Bereich Biomedizinische Forschung
Core Facility Alternative Biomodels & Preclinical Imaging
Medical University of Graz
Roseggerweg 48, A-8036 Graz, Austria
Ph: (+43) 316 385 73524
Fax: (+43) 316 385 73009
E-Mail: beate.rinner@medunigraz.at

Cellular effects of compounds and health risk are determined by exposure to the compound/ penetration into the body and cellular effects. Using a panel of technological platforms and read-out parameters mainly toxicological aspects of conventional compounds, medical devices, and nanoparticles, are studied.

Our services are:

  • Papp measurement and transport studies
  • Cytotoxicity testing according to ISO 10993-5 guidelines
  • Acute and chronic cytotoxicity testing
  • Various mode of action studies
  • Hemocompatibility testing
  • Immunotoxicity testing

For more informations:


Prof. Dr. Eleonore Fröhlich Core Facility Imaging Medical University of Graz Stiftingtalstr. 24 Tel: (+43) 31638573011 Fax: (+43) 31638573009

Email: Eleonore.froehlich@medunigraz.at

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