MR physics

  • MR protocol development and optimization
  • Analysis and quantification of MR data
  • MR homogenization and standardization
  • MRI and MR spectroscopy
  • Interactive segmentation


Forensic medicine

  • Clinical forensic study design involving medical imaging technologies (hematomas, strangulation, fracture dating)
  • Clinical forensic examinations
  • Expert opinions (complete field of forensic medicine including forensic imaging and forensic genetics)
  • Detection and interpretation of forensic findings in CT and MRI data
  • Evaluation of radiological data (routine and research based)
  • Forensic age estimation from wrist, clavicles and wisdom teeth (radiologic, automated software based)
  • Medical image analysis (vascular structure enhancement, segmentation, registration)


Computer aided forensic case analysis, visualization and in court presentation

  • 3D image visualization (CT, MRI, ... )
  • Interactive 3D processing (filtering, segmentation, registration)
  • User interfaces: interaction techniques for 3D data exploration & editing
  • 3D crime scene/item scanning and reconstruction
  • Case analysis & documentation based on 3D visualization


Law and Criminalistics

  • Examination of legal requirements for clinical forensic imaging and the juridical framework of clinical forensic examinations in general
  • Investigation of medical aspects in criminal law specifically in forensic routine case work (clinical and post-mortem forensic medicine)
  • Development of clinical forensic networks aiming at the optimization of regional forensic services
  • Extraction and analysis of case information from court archives including survey compilation and response evaluation
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Team Forensic Technology:

Bornik Alexander Bornik, Dr.
(Key Researcher, expert for medical visualization & computer graphics, Virtual & Augmented Reality)
Universitätsplatz 4/II, 8010 Graz
+43 316 380 4331
Urschler Martin Urschler, Dr.
(Key Researcher, expert for medical image analysis & computer vision)
Universitätsplatz 4/II, 8010 Graz
+43 316 380 4067

Team Forensic Natural Sciences:

Scheicher Sylvia Scheicher, Mag. Dr.
(Key Researcher, scientific editor, coordination of scientific studies, and project management)
Sprenger Hanna Sprenger, Dr.
(substitute during maternity leave)
Universitätsplatz 4/II, 8010 Graz
+43 316 380 4059
Widek Thomas Widek,
(Radiographer, expert for CT and MR imaging)
Universitätsplatz 4/II, 8010 Graz
+43 316 380 4351

Team Law:

Riener-Hofer Reingard Riener-Hofer, Mag. Dr.
(Key Researcher, expertise concerning analysis and evaluation of legal requirements of clinical forensic examinations and human research)
Universitätsplatz 4/II, 8010 Graz
+43 316 380 4070
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