Core Facility Imaging, Team FACS in Graz
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 Flow Cytometry Facility, Center for Medical Research (ZMF), Medical University of Graz



The Flow Cytometry Facility at the Center for Medical Research (ZMF) of the Medical University of Graz provides state-of-the-art instrumentation and expert technical assistance to users for the successful performance of flow cytometry based studies. The goal of the facility staff is both to support current research applications and to continuously extend the repertoire of flow cytometric methods available to scientists at the ZMF.

The facility is equipped with two flow cytometers for advanced multicolour analytical flow cytometry, CytoFLEX S (13-color) and LSR II (14-color). For viable cell sorting, the facility operates a high-speed digital cell sorter (BD FACSAria IIIu) for isolation of multiple sub-populations of cells.

In addition, a multiplex suspension array system (BioPlex-200) based on Luminex xMAP technology is available that permits the simultaneous quantitative analysis of multiple bioanalytes (e.g., cytokines, phosphoproteins) in a high-throughput format.

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Contact: Heimo Strohmaier, Ph.D.


Phone: (+43)0316-385 ext. 73513