Genomics and Transcriptomics at the AIT
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Genomics and Transcriptomics at the AIT 



The Business Unit Molecular Diagnostics at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology focuses on the discovery and validation of biomarkers suitable for minimally invasive disease diagnosis – and/or prognosis from body fluids. Beside serum - and plasma-based diagnostic assay development the research group recently has a special interest in saliva diagnostics thereby focusing in particular on DNA-methylation-, micro-RNA - and autoantibody-based biomarkers. AIT’s technological expertise comprises the isolation of the whole variety of biomolecules from minimal amounts of sample material (e.g. biopsies, FFPE specimens , body fluids) as well as the profiling, discovery and validation of DNA-, mRNA/microRNA-, protein– or autoantibody-based biomarkers using various state-of-the-art high throughput technologies.



1)    Ion Torrent PGM & access to Ion Proton (NextGen Sequencing)

2)    LightCycler 480 (real-time PCR)

3)    Biomark Fluidigm (real-time PCR)

4)    Agilent Scanner & Bioanalyzer (Microarray platforms)

5)    AIT 16k protein- & 170k peptide array (Microarray platforms)

6)    Luminex FlexMap3D (Multiplexing platform)


AIT’s research services further include the design and development of bio(marker) assays. Read more…



Andreas Weinhäusel

Christa Nöhammer