Genomics and Transcriptomics at the Medical University Graz
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Genomics and Transcriptomics at the Medical University Graz



The Core Facility Molecular Biology at the Medical University Graz focuses on Microbiome analysis by 16s amplicon based sequencing as well as on de novo and re-sequencing of small genomes on the MiSeq Illumina Next Generation Sequencing platform. Implementation of 16s analysis for clinical applications is on high priority of the group but the analysis from a variety of human, animal and environmental sample material is possible. The workflow offers automated DNA isolation, amplification of hypervariable regions, library preparation, sequencing and basic data analysis. Further, the Core Facility is very well experienced in gene expression analysis by the Affymetrix GeneChip® array hybridization system, qRT-PCR and the nCounter® Analysis System. The Affymetrix platform offers a highly reproducible whole transcriptome screening method and generated data are analyzed in the Partek® Genomics Suite software. Nanostring complements our technologies by digital counting of RNA and DNA molecules without the need of reverse transcription and amplification. For advanced data and pathway analysis the Ingenuity Pathway Analysis software IPA is available in the Core Facility

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