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Core Facility for Imaging at Medical University of Graz



The facility offers a broad spectrum of routine and advanced methods to assist investigators in different stages of microscopical evaluations starting from sample acquisition (2D and 3D cell culture, fixation, embedding, and sectioning of tissue samples), visualization in live and fixed cells and documentation of staining. Read more..

Life-cell Imaging 
We offer a complete solution for the efficient observation and documentation of living cells (long-term live cell imaging/cell monitoring) for observation of cell-cell communication, migration, and intracellular trafficking including semi-quantification of cellular processes (cell death, proliferation, apoptosis) by the Cell Observer and Cell IQ MLF System. For the documentation of fast cellular changes (changes of intracellular calcium levels) an inverted fluorescence microscope with high speed polychromator, fast high-resolution digital camera and microperfusion unit and a Nikon A1R confocal microscope are available. Read more...

Cellular localization 
Visualization of intracellular compartments and organelle function, co-localization, and protein-protein interaction can be studied using our Nikon A1R and LSM 510 Meta confocal microscopes.

contact: Prof. Dr. Eleonore Fröhlich


phone: 0316-38573011


Core Facility for Ultrastructure Analysis at Medical University of Graz


    B E Y O N D  T H E  V I S I B L E




ATUMTome / Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

for more information visit ATUMTome



Preparation - Investigation - Interpretation


We provide services in state-of-the-art techniques in electron microscopy, useful whenever light microscopic resolution

does not suffice for a particular morphological question.


For more information visit us at

Core Facility Ultrastructure Analysis


We are member of BioTechMed- Graz and ELMINet Graz .



contact: Dagmar Kolb-Lenz, PhD.

managing director 

Neue Stiftingtalstraß6 6

Tract 5, 3 rd Floor, Room 35

8010 Graz

phone: 0316| 385 71888




Core Facility for Biooptics / Microscopy at Medical University of Innsbruck



Biooptics/Light microscopy


The Biooptics/microscopy facility of MUI, located at the new CCB (room 01.370), aims at providing university wide access to advanced equipment, training, education and expertise in light microscopy. We currently offer assisted access to research microscopes and image processing software. Moreover a number of courses is offered within the different PhD training programmes at MUI. The facility is run by the facility manager Priv.-Doz. Dr. Martin Offterdinger and supervised by an advisory board. NEW: gatedSTED (NOBELPRIZE 2014) microscope is OFFICIALLY offered, introductions can be requested from now on.




Core Facility for Imaging / Microscopy at Medical University of Vienna

The Core Facility Imaging is located in the Anna Spiegel Building – Center of Translational Research. In the area of Imaging a large variety of techniques is available to address complex problems in vitro, in situ and in vivo. The Imaging Core Facility provides state-of-the-art equipment for committed work in this field. Upon request, experienced staff members offer their support and know-how for establishing and troubleshooting of novel experimental strategies.
The available systems support high resolution imaging of tissue sections or cells, 3D and 4D acquisition, visualization of protein-protein interactions (like FRET) and live cell imaging. Furthermore the facility offers workstations to the users, which allow an onsite evaluation and processing of their data with the suitable software.
Beside the area of microscopy the core facility houses a small histology unit for sample preparation.
This is equipped with one cryostat and two microtomes. The microtomes are only to cut paraffin embedded material for the purpose of RNA and DNA extraction.
 For performing of live cell imaging the facility provides a fully equipped cell culture lab.
To use the instruments in the facility a training given by the facility staff is an indispensable prerequisite. It is not allowed to use microscopes without that training and already trained users are not allowed to train other users! During the training users will get the login data for our booking calendar and are then able to book the systems by themselves.
The opening hours of the facility are Mo.-Fr. between 9.00 und 17.00. There are possibilities to use the facility out of opening hours, but please contact for that reason the facility stuff early enough!

•    Advice and support in setting up protocols
•    Trainings for the equipment of the facility
•    Assistance in using the equipment
•    Data analysis
•    Imaging Workshops
•    Equipment maintenance

for more information please click here:  [[CF_Imaging_MUW]]


Priv.-Doz.Marion Gröger, PhD


phone: + 43 (0)1 40400 - 73811



Core Facility for Imaging / Microscopy at VetMed University of Vienna

VetImaging provides equipment, training, and support for imaging-related projects to researchers of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna and to external users. Currently, two widefield microscopes, a confocal laser scanning microscope, two micro-computertomographs, and workstations for image processing and analysis are available. Facility staff assists with routine image processing, image filtering, image segmentation, 3D rendering, deconvolution, colocalisation analysis, densitometry, and morphometry.


•    Support in experimental design
•    Training in operating facility equipment
•    Assistance in technical setup
•    Support in data analysis
•    Maintenance of equipment
•    Workshops on advanced imaging methods




Equipment: [[CF_Imaging_VetMed]]
Homepage: VetImaging
Contact: Dr. Martin Glösmann