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Clinical Forensic Imaging Graz Core Facility Alternative Biomodels & Preclinical Imaging Graz
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Clinical-Forensic Imaging The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Clinical Forensic Imaging (LBI-CFI) was founded in June 2008 and is an institution of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft GmbH (LBG). The LBI-CFI dedicates its research efforts to Forensic Radiology. The scientific goal of our interdisciplinary research team is to establish CT and MRI imaging in the forensic context and to further develop the methodology and technology according to the requirements in legal medicine and forensics. Our vision is to improve the results of forensic examinations and extend expert’s reports to a broader basis of objectively collected data, including internal injuries. Furthermore, we want to achieve a higher level of legal security and establish radiological, especially magnetic resonance imaging  methods as standard procedures in forensic examinations. In cooperation with the Medical University of Graz, the LBI-CFI runs a Clinical-Forensic Outpatient Centre. A detailed descrip...
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Preclinical Imaging, Medical University of Graz   INVEON microCT The MicroCT (Siemens) is designed to meet your throughput, resolution, and image quality needs. Inveon sets the standard for in-vivo preclinical micro computed tomography. With a range of X-ray source and detector configurations available, the ability to adjust the scanner magnification between scans, and a suite of image reconstruction and data analysis tools, the Inveion delivers the most versatile preclinical CT solution in its class. Application: Bone structure analysis, Bone density...   Visual Sonics' Vevo 770 offers spatial resolution down to 30 microns. The system is non invasive, which allosw longitudinal study and reduces the number of mice required. VisualSonics technology provides scientific professionals with a simple method for efficiently viewing extremely small physiological structures and for imaging living tissue and blood flow with near-microscopic resolution. T...
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